Vision, Mission Statement and Objectives

Vision of the Foundation

PACE (Papua Heritage Foundation) is committed to provide care, respect and attention for Papua Cultural Heritage which exists within the Netherlands( Former Dutch New Guinea was once a Dutch colony). This shared cultural heritage has value for Papuans in Papua (now part of Indonesia), Papuans in Diaspora and the Dutch themselves. 

This Heritage contains both valuable and wide ranging information of Cultural History. It should not be lost and should be made fully accessible. Its intrinsic value is enormous and this shared heritage is of significance on a global level.

Pace strives to maintain, build, strengthen  and collaborate with a national and an international network of contacts which have a passion for and interest in keeping Papua Heritage alive for future generations.


PACE Mission Statement

PACE collects, manages, discloses and digitises all forms of Cultural Heritage information and makes this Heritage accessible to Papuans in Papua and in Diaspora and to all those interested in the Netherlands and throughout the world.

Pace intends to develop the necessary infrastructure in Papua in order to manage and maintain its Cultural Heritage there.

Overall, PACE aims to pass on knowledge of Papua Heritage and it intends to minimise the fragmentation of such knowledge.

PACE Objectives

1. To manage, digitise  and make all  Papua Heritage information within the Netherlands accessible in collaboration with both public and private institutions.

2. To achieve digital and (where possible/desirable) physical access to Papua Heritage in Papua itself, by establishing an infrastructure and repatriating Cultural Heritage. This is to be done through ongoing collaboration with partners in the Netherlands, in Papua and on an international level.

3. To promote Papua Heritage internationally, within the Netherlands and in Papua by cooperating with cultural and educational institutions in the Netherlands and in Papua.

Eventually, Pace intends to become a  focal point, able to provide answers to questions about  Papua Heritage from anywhere on the globe. It will strive to achieve this goal in cooperation with all its counterparts and its various partners in the Netherlands, in Papua and beyond.