Director of PACE Nancy Jouwe Leaves

Nancy Jouwe - much to our regret – decided to leave PACE (Papua Heritage Foundation) as from the start of April 2010. In the past year, the work load as the director of Kosmopolis Utrecht increased and was taking up more and more of her time. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to combine both positions and she has had to decide to end her work for us.

However, she will keep in touch as advisor and  volunteer. We will miss her contributions as a director but are pleased she will continue to support our work. Nancy’s work is being taken over by Sjoerd Jaarsma on an interim basis.

Nancy heeft flinke staat van dienstNancy took Women’s Studies and Cultural History at university in Utrecht and York. In recent years, Nancy had two part time positions, one at PACE and the other at Kosmopolis Utrecht. Before that, she was employed at the University of Utrecht, Stichting Papua Volken, and Mama Cash. She was also a chairperson at HAPIN (Papua Aid Foundation), editor for WEST Papua Courier and an active spokesperson, publicist and organizer for women’s rights, Papuan women in particular.  In 1993, Nancy Jouwe and Marlise Mensink published ‘Papua’s? Oja, die bestaan echt, he?’(Papuans? Oh, they really exist, huh?).This book considers the position of Papuan women in the Netherlands between 1959 and 1992.