PACE in the News Media

Hereby some examples.

In the summer of 2009, the striking title  "Tracing Links to  Lombok"
appeared in the Caravan magazine, the voice of colourful Utrecht. The
Heritage Project   Developing Links, which is being supported by the
Papua Heritage Foundation, is in full swing. As part of this project, the stories behind the Indonesian street names in the Utrecht district (named after the island of )Lombok are brought to life. 

The collection of the Papuan Heritage Foundation is used as an example by Cineblend. On May 6 2009, at the monthly meeting of SAVAN (The Foundation of Audiovisual Anthropology in the Netherlands). Cineblend discusses the use of sound and image as a way to promote cultural heritage. It uses the Papua heritage Foundation as a prime example of how to do this.


The article "Veterans help alleviate suffering of Papuans” January-February 2008, appears in the veteran’s magazine  Checkpoint. Later that year, in November of 2008, the book "Veterans with a mission" was publicised and a dozen or more veteran aid projects were reported on.


On September 5, 2007, the article "Smoke a roll-your-own with a Papuan ' about voluntary work was published. Working in a hotel, defending Papuan rights, caring for injured birds or providing a good time for disabled people, all are mentioned in the local Utrecht newspaper exploring the options available. This article also included the personal efforts of one of volunteers, Koen de Jager.

The Papua Heritage Foundation is one of the three example projects listed in the Annual Report 2006 of the VSB Fund*. "The West Papua Heritage Foundation has sought funding in order to collect and conserve cultural information on a computer website.   Piece by piece, the findings are identified, described and stored on a database. The result is a digital museum of a wide range of items such as   photos, movies and material artifacts. "


* A donor organisation set up by corporate  banking organisations.  It aims to contribute to the quality of life and aims to improve  communication and mutual understanding among people from different walks of life.