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Conservation of Pace Artifacts

On 1 January 2009 PACE (Papua Heritage Foundation) created a separate foundation  called ‘Collectie Pace’ (Collection of Papua Heritage) to conserve and manage its ethnographic artefacts.  These cultural goods will be held in storage at relevant conservation institutions. When the time comes, Collectie PACE will also be responsible for the repatriation of these artefacts.

ICN: National office for conservation of Art

To manage the collection items, Collectie Pace makes use of storage space made available by ‘Instituut Collectie Nederland’ (ICN). This national office is responsible for the care of more than 100.000 art objects which are not currently being displayed in museums and which are owned by the state.

Benefit day for the church in Enggros

The family clans which have their roots in the kampongs/villages of Tobati, Enggros and Nafri on the Jautefa Bay near Jayapura are organizing a benefit day on Sunday, May 31 to financially support their families with the construction of the church in Enggros. The church will be opened in March 2010. During the activities day in  the Multi Cutureel Centrum Fort Vreeswijk in Nieuwegein, music will be presented by among others, Delano (finalist Junior Song Festival 2008) and Dawiday & the Fieldmen.