Exposition of Papua in church Goënga

From August 29, 2009 an exhibition about Papua has been organised on Saturdays and Sundays in the Dutch Reformed Church in the Frisian village Goënga,  about three kilometers from Sneek. PACE (Papua Heritage Foundation) and HAPIN (Papua Aid Orgnisation) have provided the actual content of the exhibition.
Besides the exhibition about Papua, there is a ‘statues tour’ showing the work of contemporary Frisian artists. This work is exhibited in the gardens of the inhabitants of Goenga. About 15 sculptures are on show.

Events in and around the church Goënga getekend door Nelleke Linthorst
Goënga (Goaiïngea in the Frisian language) is a village in the municipality Wymbritseradiel and has around 260 inhabitants, of whom 150 are residing within the village itself. The old village centre has many beautifully restored houses, situated around the church which dates back to 1758. The heart of the village and its trees presents a rustic scene.

Since last year, a  special committee of seven people has been organising cultural events in and around the 250-year-old church. This has proved to be a great success, probably because the village is situated on a tourist cycle route.

 dorp ligt aan een toeristische fietsrouteThe organisers of the exhibition about West Papua (formerly Dutch New Guinea), Janke Winia and Hindrik van der Meer, want to raise the level of compassion and commitment to this special part of the world, so that Papua  will become a familiar concept in Friesland.

In the long run the organization wants to do something with the fact that three Frisians have become well known through their work in former Dutch New Guinea. These three are minister Freark Kamma, originally from Wierum, Father Sibbele Hylkema, originally from Blauwhuis and Father Andringa, originally from Bolsward. All three distinguished themselves by their way of working which has always been extraordinarily orientated towards the culture of the Papuans themselves.

Exhibition Details
All 150 inhabitants of the village are involved in the activities in July, August and September. The exhibition itself will be opened on Saturday afternoon, august 29, at 15.00 o’clock.Kerkje Goënga dateert uit 1758

After August 29 the church will be open for the next five weekends from 13.30 untill 17.00  on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

This exhibition includes shields from the Asmat region are on show; spears, arrows and other artefacts are exhibited.  Information about different regional styles is also provided.

The objects of art made available by HAPIN are for sale. The proceeds will benefit HAPIN projects in Papua. Several Papuans living in Holland will be present at the opening.  The Papuan dance group “Mambesak” will probably supply the musical setting.

Church included in 'Tsjerkepaad'
The church also takes part in the provincial action ‘Tjerkespaad’ (Kerkpad). Of the 700 churches in Friesland, 240 will open their doors to the general public.schilderij kerkje van Theo Jaasma

schilderij kerkje Gert Jan Slotboom