Report of Pig Salon Meeting on ‘Papuans in Diaspora’ Project

The monthly PACE (Papua Heritage Fund) meeting  known as ‘the Pig Salon’ is open to the wider community and on 11 October 2009 there was a presentation of the Oral History Project ‘Papuans in Diaspora’. An increasing number of Papuans really want their life stories to be passed on to future generations.  The Project has been sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Well-being and Sport (VWS) and 25 people were interviewed. Many of them lived through World War II events that occurred in Former Dutch New Guinea ( during the Japanese invasion). Thirty-one conversations were recorded, which amounts to a total of about seventy hours of interview time. 

Report: 'Papua's in Diaspora' over Oral History of Papuan (11-10-2009)